Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors are ideal for transporting granular and flour products on horizontal paths, or slightly tilted ones, even very long.

The advantages of these conveyors are the limited installed power, the absence of product residues in the machine and no product breakage.

Structure made entirely of galvanised sheet metal, head with rubberised towing roller and double-sided screw or counterweight screw.

The conveyor belt with mobile unload (tripper) mainly consists of a conveyor belt and a mobile structure (carriage) that runs along the entire belt. The carriage is equipped with outlet ducts from which the material conveyed by the belt comes out; since the carriage is mobile, the material can be unloaded anywhere along the entire path. The chain conveyors are designed according to the standards and regulations in force, provided with the mandatory documentation.
Upon request, they can be provided in accordance with to ATEX regulations.