Nowadays, the ability to offer an integrated service in full compliance with global quality and the ability to customise the product according to customer needs, make Sima one of the main General Contractors in its target sector worldwide.
We are committed to offering solutions to improve the project, create new ideas, always with an eye on the budget and timetables.

Entrusting the management of structures to the Global Service abilities ensures the customer with constantly updated plants, so that they can dedicate themselves to their core business, increase productivity, optimise the use of personnel and contain costs. Storage silos, handling systems, filters, cleaners and machines: these are our main fields of intervention and we are always fully aware of the total customisation of the project, based on the specific requests.

PRT rotary drum cleaner

Rotary drum pre-cleaner and sieves for wet corn drum.Made of galvanized steel sheet complete with interchangeable perforated sheet mantles. It is used to clean the pieces of canes, cob and stones.The rotating cleaner has the function of refining the cleaning of the product, meticulously separating t......

PAS Air cleaner

Classifier cleaners

These machines are used for cleaning dry corn, each with a potential of 50 Tonne/h up. The product is thoroughly cleaned by passing through 3 sieving systems: coarse, medium and fine. The first one removes coarse impurities; the second one broken products; ......

Vibrating extractor

The Vibrating Extractors are normally used for unloading silos, exploiting the vibration technique to allow for continuous and smooth unloading without creating a product demixing. Motorised units with vibrators with an eccentric movement, of reduced power, vibrate......

Reception pit filters

Cups for receiving pits

Project with this product

Feed production system

Feed production system. / Production from 3 to 20 T/H.    ......

Hammer mill

Production from 3 to 40 T/H.......

Horizontal mixer

Mixer with recovery storage

Production from 1 to 5 T / H.......

Mixing system