Chain conveyors

The chain conveyor conveys the cereals horizontally or on slightly tilted surface.

The conveying takes place by dragging through a chain attached to the scrapers, which collect the material at the inlet and unload it at the outlet.

The machine consists of a modular system which in turn consists of a head, a foot and a variable number of intermediate boxes that contribute forming the required length of the plant.

They are made of galvanised sheet metal and produced in 8 models with flow rates of 40-300 T/H. The head is composed of a high-resistance toothed wheel, special steel shaft, ball bearings with fixing flange, anti-flooding probe and orthogonal axis gearmotor. The intermediate elements within which the chain runs are modular and are bolted together by flanges and supplied in the desired length.

The foot is complete with the chain tension system by means of screw tie-rods which act on mobile sliding supports. Covers on the upper part, to be opened when the conveyor is stopped and disconnected from the mains, allow for any intervention on the machine. The chain conveyors are designed according to the standards and regulations in force, provided with the mandatory documentation.

Upon request, they can be delivered according to ATEX regulations.