Tubular and tank augers

The tank auger conveys the material by dragging through an auger which, thanks to its configuration, moves the material to the infeed and unloads it at the outfeed.

An armature can be connected to the outlet and takes the product to the desired utility. The machine consists of a modular system with a head, a foot and a variable number of intermediate pipes that contribute to forming the required length of the plant. The head is made of very thick steel sheet and includes a gearmotor. The intermediate elements containing the auger are modular and are bolted together by flanges.

Visual doors and bolted doors are provided for maintenance. Namely, this type of auger is positioned under the silos in appropriate tanks made in the cement; the material is conveyed through the unloading holes made at the bottom of the silo inside the auger which will then convey it to the outlet.
The augers are designed according to the standards and regulations in force, provided with the mandatory documentation.

Upon request, they can be delivered according to ATEX regulations.