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 SIMA was established in 1980 as a specialist  in agro-industrial assembly and for more than 25 years has concentrated on the design and construction of small, medium and large systems for storing cereals, nuts, coffee and flour. Their turnkey have been created for customers all over the world.

SIMA now occupies an important place in the construction, design and realization of systems of food  plants processing. By virtue of its long experience in the field, SIMA has managed to set up a technical organisation able to meet the increasing demands of the market and the needs related to manufacturing.

SIMA employs qualified staff able to monitor all the processing stages. Our experience provides innovative and flexible design aimed at the most functional and appropriate solutions.



Develop solutions for the processing of cereals, designing and manufacturing machinery, facilities and equipment, with a high level of quality, working with clients through analysis and feasibility studies to find better solutions and adequate.

 - Improving professional staff;
 - Meet the technical specifications;
 - Meet delivery times;
 - Continuously improve processes;

In a global market tomore be clear and unshakeable spirit of collaboration and partnership to ensure reliability to the customer.
The core values for SIMA are: honesty, cooperation, availability, self-criticism, the capacity and the will to achieve high levels of reliability.


Our qualified staff will follow you starting from the preliminary  study of the plant, dealing with the detection of on-site measurements, with the mechanical and installation design carried out trough the most modern CAD 3D design instruments.

 We are at your disposal for any suggestions that can improve the realization of the final work.







Quality: ISO 9001 Certification

Production flexibility, research and creativity in the design, combined with the professionalism of a highly qualified staff, were the essential components that enabled the Sima to grow on a changing market, in compliance with the requirements of the customers.
For these reasons led us to seek and to obtain the UNI ISO 9001: 2008.
We have implemented a series of procedures to protect the work of all employees and consequently customer service.
We are a team of highly specialized; all our activities and workflow rotate inside the term quality.
But it is in continuing education that we are able to grasp the changes of the marked and the new needs of the customer.
Services performance from the first contact through an elastic structure capable of recognizing the specific needs of the customer and an organization with high high human value.



The environment is everyone's heritage, also of future generations. A company, in any production belongs, must place among the irreplaceable values its respect and its preservation. Sima has always felt compelled to adopt a behavioral philosophy aimed at safeguarding the environment.
This philosophy is applied with the creation of decent jobs and safe production processes aimed at reducing pollution of any kind, since the design phase of new products and processes, to provide for the safety of the work and contain as economically and technologically possible pollution.


We have technicians and qualified personnel for the supervision and coordination of assembly teams in Italy and abroad and ensures their operation and testing.
To satisfy all the customers with professionalism we continually strive in support of completed facilities, with replacement parts or a visit from one of our technicians to check the proper functioning.