experience and innovation

Business values

Our company is based on simple and yet solid values, kept alive by the moral integrity of the founders and perpetrated over the years by everyone working at SIMA. Honesty, collaboration, helpfulness, ability to self-criticise, enhancement of human capital are values shared within the company and with our collaborators, in order to ensure our customers high levels of reliability and quality. This is why the company is constantly committed to:

  • Ensure continuous updates to personnel for an increasingly qualified professional approach;
  • Meet technical specifications by promoting specific research;
  • Improve business processes from a safety and environmental point of view.

History and development

SIMA was founded in 1980 as an agro-industrial assembler. For over 35 years, it has been specialising in the design and construction of turnkey small, medium and large systems for storing cereals, legume vegetable and flour.

Transformed over the years from a small business to a structured company, with a sales network that allows it to operate in many areas of the world, SIMA now occupies a prominent place in the field of agri-food plants.

Thanks to a technical organisation capable of meeting the increasingly strong demands that the market and production needs require and specialised personnel able to follow all the processing phases, the company now offers innovative and flexible design for the most functional and suitable solutions. In 2018 we acquired a new industrial building of 3000 sqm to enhance our production capacity, because we believe and invest in our future.

Business policy

Flexibility and innovation are our cornerstones: innovative and ‘tailored’ solutions to meet the specific needs of customers are the most rewarding part of our work, because they enhance our experience and our craftsmanship. Customer satisfaction is our most important business asset.
Sima has also always considered it a duty to adopt a conduct aimed at protecting the environment.
We applied this approach to the realisation of decent and safe workplaces, production processes aimed at reducing any form of pollution to provide safety at work and contain pollution as economically and technologically as possible, to respect nature and its future.


In view of its long experience, SIMA has been able to develop a technical organisation capable of meeting the increasingly strong demands that the market and production needs require today.

The company employs specialised personnel, able to follow all the processing phases: from design to construction, assembly and, finally, after-sales assistance.

Certified quality

Sima has set up a series of procedures to protect the work of all employees and the quality of customer service. All activities and the workflow revolve around the term ‘quality’, following the strict procedures that the system imposes. These were the essential factors that allowed us to obtain the UNI ISO 9001:2008 certification for “Quality management systems” and its update with the integration of the “risk-based thinking” ISO 9001:2015 concept.

Thanks to continuous training and an increasingly high-performing technical result, we also obtained the UNI ISO 1090 certification for the “Execution of steel structures”, which certifies the conformity (design and production) of the performance features of structural steel components, welding processes and the qualification of the welding procedures and operators.
Structured organisation: sales area, technical area, production area. Machine department: Punching, shearing and bending. Assembly department: calendering and assembly. Warehouse and storage: raw material and finished product.

Production areas




Machine department

  • Punching
  • Shearing
  • Bending

Assembly department

  • Calendering
  • Assembly

Storage Department

  • Raw material
  • Finished